Okay, so why a site called Oral Surgeon Greenville SC and why should you listen to what I have to say?

Have you found yourself in need of the best Oral Surgeon Greenville SC has to offer? I’ve been where you are a few times myself. The first time was for wisdom teeth removal when my daughter was in her teens. She’d never had surgery before, much less oral surgery. On a dental care visit, she complained to her regular dentist that she was having constant pain in her lower jaw. When the dentist took x-rays, he discovered that my daughter had impacted wisdom teeth that needed to be removed. That’s when he suggested an oral surgeon. Oral surgery is a specialty of dentistry that includes the diagnosis, as well as the surgical and related treatment of diseases, injuries, and defects in the hard and soft tissues of the head, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, and neck. Since the wisdom teeth had not come through her gums, Greenville SC oral surgeons were suggested.

I wasn’t familiar with Greenville SC oral surgeons, and I wanted the best one for my daughter, so I did some research on board certified oral surgeons. The information I obtained was extensive, so I decided to create this website, Oral Surgeon Greenville SC, to help you in your own search and to share with you the things I learned. For instance, Greenville SC oral surgery is not only for impacted wisdom tooth removal, but for other things like corrective jaw surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, dental implants, and bone grafting.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with TMJ disorder. Before her diagnosis, she was having difficulty biting and chewing, and she heard some wild clicking and popping sounds when she opened and closed her mouth. Sometimes she had an earache, particularly in the morning, accompanied by a headache. Other times the pain was so severe that she couldn’t open or close her mouth. I suggested to her that she contact oral surgeons in Greenville SC to find out what was going on. I had a gut feeling that her symptoms could be relieved, and that her overall oral health would improve. A trip to a Greenville SC oral surgery clinic confirmed our suspicions of something larger looming on the horizon. TMJ syndrome is related to acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the mandible to the skull. Fortunately for my friend, surgery was not required. A splint reduced stress on her jaw, which allowed the muscles to function better. The splint improved her bite and gave her lower jaw the ability to fall properly into the temporomandibular joint socket. Today she’s one hundred percent better. Oral surgeons in Greenville SC put her back on the right track, and her earaches have subsided. She’s grateful to her oral maxillofacial surgeons.

When my son was twelve years old, he had an accident on his bicycle. He and some friends were riding around the volleyball court near our home, and a stray ball came his way. He saw it coming and tried desperately to get away from it. When he did, he ran his bicycle into a brick wall, and he went over the handlebars and was thrown up against it. Everything after that seemed like a slow-motion nightmare. He was knocked out cold, and his face had taken a beating as he slid down the wall onto the pavement below him. His mouth was bleeding profusely, and his two front teeth had been knocked out, plus his lip was torn. We rushed him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a concussion. The physician on call that afternoon immediately contacted an oral surgeon, who explained to us that our son’s front teeth could be implanted so he wouldn’t have to go through life without them. Not long after my son’s lip healed, we called that oral surgeon. We were pleased that we didn’t have to wait long for an appointment. During our initial visit, the surgeon assured my son that the implants would not be painful and that he would have him looking as good as new before long. And he was right. Today my son is fourteen years old, and to look at his front teeth you’d never know they were implants. What a difference it made.

No matter what kind of problems you may be experiencing, care should be taken when choosing oral surgery in Greenville. Your initial contact with an oral surgery Greenville SC office will be a pleasant one if you know all the right questions to ask. That’s why this website, Oral Surgeon Greenville SC, will be of help to you. Even if it’s just a problem tooth that you want removed, they’re there to help.  A source that we will  use for recommending an oral surgeon can be found at Southeastern Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

The practice of oral surgery covers dental procedures resulting from facial trauma. Maxillofacial surgery is a specialization of dentistry that focuses on problems around the mouth, neck, and jaw. Maxillofacial surgeons typically attend dental school and then an additional residency for their specialty. Because there are so many important nerves that run through the face, a maxillofacial surgeon can go through several years of training before they are allowed to sit for medical board exams. After a severe accident, a patient may be referred to a maxillofacial surgeon if he or she has suffered facial injuries. Surgery can help to correct cosmetic and other damages to the face. In addition to cleaning up the physical appearance, the surgeon can address nerve damage and other issues which may cause pain for the patient. Long term impacts of accident damages can be greatly reduced, and the patient can begin to look forward to years of wellness and being healthy again.  Ever had a root canal that didn’t quite work? I’m experiencing that problem now, so my oral surgeon has set me up for an apicoectomy.

Sometimes it’s called Root-End Resection, but it involves the removal of the root tip and the surrounding infected tissue of an abscessed tooth. Even though I’ve had root canal therapy on this particular tooth, I’ve still had some problems with it. So I’m ready for my oral surgeon in Greenville to help me get rid of the pain associated with it. So you see, oral surgery in Greenville SC is probably something you never thought you’d need, but it’s good to know there’s someone you can turn to in the event you do need it. Even though we don’t like to think about such things as facial jaw surgery or osseous tissue surgery or anesthesia and bone grafts, sometimes it’s a necessity in order to feel better and look better. It’s nice to know oral surgery Greenville doctors are there with your best interests in mind.

Thank you for visiting my website. I plan on periodically adding relevant articles and videos here, and it is my hope that this Oral Surgeon Greenville SC website will be your favorite place for finding the best qualified oral surgeon in Greenville SC.  If you happen to be in the Spartanburg area, please visit Dentist Spartanburg.

Here is some basic information for those concerned about their wisdom teeth.  Oral Surgeon Greenville SC will be providing more articles and videos about oral surgery issues.

If you go to the dentist and you are informed that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, you might want to get a second opinion. Naturally, if pain from wisdom teeth is the sole purpose of your visit, then another opinion isn’t necessary. However, if you’ve gone for a cavity or a cleaning and you’re suddenly being told to have teeth removed – you should definitely have another doctor evaluate the circumstances.

Not all doctors are like this. Some dentists want to pull teeth and charge you or your insurance a lot of money just for the sole purpose of padding their pocketbook. If your teeth are sitting in your mouth quite happily and not trying to break through a space that is unavailable, then there’s no point in putting yourself through the pain of having this procedure done.

Reasons for having your teeth pulled are if they are suddenly trying to break through to the surface but there isn’t enough space. Also, some teeth are impacted, so if they try to surface, you’ll get a terrible jaw ache. Sometimes the teeth are upside down under the gum line and will try to break through root first!

Be wary if your dentist recommends having your wisdom teeth removed. Obviously, if you are problems, you should get your teeth pulled, but there’s no point in going through a costly & painful procedure if you don’t have to. At least if you must have this done, you can rest easy, as there are less painful options as there has been in years past. You should recover easier than those did just 20 years ago.

Oral Surgeon Greenville SC states the reasons you might need an oral surgeon.

Perhaps you wanted to undergo an oral surgery because you wanted to do something about your present oral condition. Many people are just like you, people who may have met injuries in the past whose only resort is to get an oral surgery or people who were born with oral defects. If you really are keen to go through an oral surgery then you better find a trusted surgery group that can help you with your oral needs.

Gone were the days when surgeries were performed only as a result of bad dental maintenance. Several reasons are now seen appropriate as follows:

Crooked Teeth – as a result of the wisdom teeth growing out when we transform from our teens to our early twenties. Though it should normally come out strong and straight, some people are not that lucky. Wisdom teeth that go out crooked and shaky doesn’t only look wrong, it feels wrong. That is why those unlucky people would definitely want to get rid of the teeth through an surgery.

Tooth Loss – some people normally lose a tooth or two in his whole lifetime. Some people even lost more! An oral surgery has become the best option for most people who have seen that it can give them a more uniformed and natural-looking teeth that they cannot get from dentures and bridges.

TMJ Disorders or Temporomandibular joint disorders happen when there’s a problem with a person’s small joint in front of his ear in the area where his skull and lower jaw meet. This disorder gives a person headache and facial pain that he usually treats with medications, immobilizers and physical therapy. An oral surgery though will take all the headaches and pain once and for all.

Facial Injuries from tragic events like car accidents may result in broken jaws and facial bones and people who went through this trauma cast their hopes on a surgery. Through the surgery, bones are reconnected, jaws are realigned and overall oral condition is repaired.

• Biopsy or oral tumors and Cleft Repairs are also reasons to go through an oral surgery

It is normal to pain a little tooth pain when going through an oral surgery. But most of what you’ll feel is discomfort from opening your moth all the time. The results are worth it though as a surgery can correct all your oral problems permanently.